Conferences and Seminars in Australia
University of Sydney
  • “The conquest of India by Alexander the Great & Greek interaction with Gandharan art”, The near Eastern Archaeology Foundation, 24th April 2008.
  •  “Numismatics and earliest representations of Hindu divinities in India”, Australian Association of Buddhist Studies, 29th April 2008.
University of Macquaire
  • “Recent findings of coins in Central Asia and North-West India: from Alexander the great to Kanishka I”, Australian Centre for Numismatic Studies, 28th April 2008.
Australian National University, Canberra.
  • “Seafaring in the Indian Ocean: archaeological evidence from South India and Sri Lanka”, Centre for Archaeological Research, 2nd May 2008.
Griffin Centre, Canberra. Sri Lanka Forum Seminar.
  • “Sigiriya Pleasure gardens: new light”, 3rd May 2008


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