Conferences and Seminars in England
Royal Numismatic Society (British Academy), London.
  • “Posthumous coins of Hermaeus”, Royal Numismatic Society, 28th January 1990.
  • “New evidence from recent Indo-Greek coin hoards”, Royal Numismatic Society, 21th February 1995.
British Museum, London.
  •  “Coins of the Greek Kingdoms on the Silk Roads”, Oriental Numismatic Society, 21st April 1993.
  •  “Recent discoveries: hoards and finds of ancient coins from Afghanistan and Pakistan”, Oriental Numismatic Society, 3rd June1995.
  •  “New finds from Afghanistan and Pakistan” Celebration in honour of Francine Tissot, 12th September 2000.
University of London, Circle of Inner Asian Art
  •  “Recent archaeological and numismatic discoveries from Afghanistan and Pakistan: Indo-Greeks revisited”, 12th May 1999.
  •   “Latest Finds from Afghanistan and Pakistan”, 4th May 2001.
University of London, Society for South Asian Studies
  • “New approaches to Indo-Greek coinage”, 3rd February 1990.
University of London, Indian Art Circle.
  • “Ships and Shpwrecks in the Indian Ocean. The Role of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara as the Protector of Mariners”, April 10th 2013.
University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  • “Pleasure Gardens of Sigiriya”, Sidney Sussex College, May 29th 2013.


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